Welcome to the photos page for Bill Williams (a.k.a. billwil).

I'm the husband of one woman and the papa of three boys. My wife, Crystal, my three sons, Cayman, Merek, and Trey, and I all like to do a lot of things, and many of these things we capture in pictures and videos. Some of these pictures will find their way to this site.

Our hobbies include flying airplanes, scuba diving, camping, hiking, off-roading, flying model airplanes, playing, hanging out, and pretty much anything fun.

My sparse blog is located at with links to a few of my videos and other rantings.

My Student Pilot Cast podcast in which I chronicle the endeavor of learning to fly can be found at

I am a host of the Pilotcast as well, which is an all-features podcast about aviation. It can be found at

Thanks for stopping by.